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Are you and your Denver team ready to learn Classic Cocktails?

Sign up for a private class at your office (or my event space) and learn how to make classic cocktails like Margaritas, Mojitos, and Old Fashioned from our expert mixologists and get hands-on experience and insider tips, Book now and get ready to be the life of the party for your friends and family!

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Iron-Chef Style Team Building

Teams of 2-4 follow the Iron Chef style rules -

1. 15 minute Mixology class that consists of basic cocktail balancing.

2. Each group competes for the best tasting and best looking cocktail, and together vote for one to be submitted to the next round.

3. The next round consists of the best cocktails from each team judged by an official (your instructor is happy to be the judge)

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Round Robin

Timed Races For Team Building

15 minute Mixology class that consists of basic cocktail crafting. Timed Races within teams to let them move to the next level to compete with the winners of the other teams.

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Bittersweet Provisions

Charcuteries & Hot Apps Drop-off Service

Cooking Classes

Full Catered Events

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Double Decker Bus Transport For Teams

King Of Castle Rock

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Sushi Rolling Classes

Learn to Roll Sushi

Handrolls & Maki

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Tastings Class

Wine Tastings

Tequila Tastings

Bourbon Tastings

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DJ JT-Money

Introduce a killer DJ at your event with DJ JT-Money

First Round

Argonaut Liquor Online Ordering

Local Delivery - Denver Metro Area for questions or clikc below to set up online day-of delivery

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Molly's Spirits

Delivery or Pickup


What does Matt's Mixology offer?

Matt's Mixology specializes in interactive events such as corporate parties and private gatherings. We ensure a unique learning experience with our team of vetted, creative, and friendly bartender instructors.

How do I book a party with Matt's Mixology?

To book, decide on a date and venue. We offer our own space at 1415 Park Ave West, or we can set up at your location. For quotes, including FREE space rental for smaller parties, contact us. Please note, bookings require a deposit.

Are deposits refundable?

Deposits are transferable but not refundable.

How do I choose the cocktails for my event?

You can choose your preferred cocktails from our menu tab. We then provide a step-by-step menu. Note that we don't provide the alcohol. We'll guide you on purchasing the right amount for your event.

Do you supply the alcohol?

No, we provide a list of recommended alcohols which you can order for delivery using services like Argonaut or Molly’s Liquor. Only 750ML bottles are permitted.

How much time is needed for setup?

We require an hour for setup at the chosen venue.

What is the structure of the mixology class?

The class begins with 15 minutes of instruction and Q&A. Following that, we guide you through cocktail crafting one-on-one with an instructor. Classes last 90 minutes, followed by a 30-minute social hour/cleanup. Bigger groups may require extra time.

Can larger groups be accommodated?

Yes, larger groups can be catered to, but they might require an additional hour.

Can I see the venue space before booking?

Certainly! There's a photo of our downtown venue space at 1415 Park Ave West provided.

Call (720) 432-6602


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